Wednesday, August 17, 2016

How to Clean Your Humidifier Properly

Since you are checking how to clean your humidifier, then you have had one already and you do not need me to explain to you the benefits of using it, or to convince you to purchase one to start enjoying better sleeping nights for you and your family. So let’s go to an important question: Do we need to clean the humidifier? The answer, of course, is a definitive YES; it has to be cleaned because it is a device that generates water vapor, which we and, specifically, our children are breathing, so we want to be quite sure about it. Another question would pop-up: “How often should we clean our humidifier?” The easiest and best answer would be: “Go and read its manual”. Reading the humidifier manual carefully is very important to get the most benefits out of it and to avoid some serious issues that may arise from the careless usage of this device (Check this short article about this aspect here:

Now let's go to the main question about the proper cleaning of our humidifier; there are general steps that are applicable to every humidifier in the market:

- Unplug the device.

- Remove the filter and rinse it with cold water.

- Remove the water tank and clean it. To clean the tank, you can use undiluted white vinegar and leave it for at least 20 minutes, then use a soft brush to scrub it; When it is done make sure to rinse it thoroughly. You can use hydrogen peroxide instead of vinegar if you like.

- Clean the base of the water tank.

It is important to follow the manual guidance regarding disassembling the filter and the tank to avoid damaging the device; also to check if there are any special instructions or warnings that you should be aware of.
The cleaning process would be easy if the humidifier is used properly, but there are very important points to consider:

- Use only clean and distilled water in the device, and make sure to change it EVERY DAY.

- Do not use any chemicals during the cleaning process because it may damage the device.

- Disinfecting the humidifier is very important during every cleaning process. It is common to use a teaspoon of bleach mixed in a gallon of water, peroxide, or white vinegar to achieve that.

The cleaning process itself is very easy to carry on, and it is not really a time consuming task; usually 30 minutes would be enough for the whole process if the device has been maintained well during its usage. The water tank may need special care due to the fact that residues tend to accumulate at its bottom and its base, especially if the quality of water is not good, or if the water is not being changed on a daily basis.

Finally, it is important to remember that you have to choose wisely the place that you would put your humidifier at because it may damage its surroundings by the humidity it provides. Also, the dampness that is caused by humidifiers could encourage the growth of bacteria and mold when it hits the right materials, so choose carefully the right place for your humidifier, make sure to change its water every day, follow the instructions of its creator regarding its cleaning procedure, and enjoy its health benefits.